Die offene russische Invasion scheint begonnen zu haben.

A number of Ukraine-watchers on social media are speculating whether the long-anticipated Russian invasion is underway.

The question is: which Russians?

There are reports of numerous military vehicles rumbling through Lugansk this morning, bearing the flags of Crimea and the black-and-orange St. George banners.


Does that suggest, as some are speculating, that forces from Russian-occupied Crimea are entering the Ukrainian mainland rather than from Russian Federation territory

But how did they cross the border from Crimea, then, which is supposed to be „under lock and key“? In fact, Dmitry Tymchuk of Information Resistance announced this morning that the Ukrainian military is finishing up a border-closure operation.

Tymchuk also said that 2 T-64 tanks had entered Lugansk and 5  BTRs [armored transport vehicles[.

And the National Guard is declaring that they have seized a Russian BTR in Donetsk Region, Interior Minister Arsen Avakov has reported on his Facebook page.


We have not confirmed this information.

The Interpreter has provided a translation of Avakov’s post:

Last night, during an attempt by a group of terrorists to break through on the Russian side in the region of Maryinovka, deep into Ukrainian territory, divisions of the national Guard of Ukraine seized a BTR-80. Terrorists were partially destroyed and partially detained.

In the photos below its the BTR seized and its record book. Note the stamp of the Russian military unit. That is for diplomats and doubters.

There are the great words of the great Russian warrior. Putin must remember them. „Who comes to us with the sword, will perish by the sword!“ Glory to Ukraine!




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