What if Russia demands a naval base in Finland or invades a Swedish island?

Unsolicited Translations

This is a translation of an article by Michael Moberg, James Mashiri and Charly Salonius-Pasternak in Suomen Kuvalehti issue 9/2015, published online on February 27, 2015. It was titled “Venäjä vaatii Suomelta laivastotukikohtaa, Gotlanti miehitetään – voisiko näin tapahtua?
Permission to post this translation (Charly corrected much of it) was granted by Suomen Kuvalehti. The excellent graphics are by Hannu Kyyriäinen (SK).

In a similar vein, Salonius-Pasternak wrote a piece in Helsingin Sanomat (“Suomi voisi olla sotilaallisen iskun ensimmäinen kohde” on December 29, 2014) considering the implications and likely Finnish reactions to Russia’s fictional invasion of a few Finnish islands, for example from the Åland archipelago.

Three gloomy scenarios in the Baltic Sea. What would Finland do?

Preparing for the worst is vital for every independent nation. Scenarios as possible chains of events are an important tool of assessment.

The events described below are completely…

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